Social Media Optimisation Services: A Pool of Knowledge For You

When it comes to social media optimisation services, there is no longer need of brief stories to grab the reader’s attention. This is due to the fact that nowadays almost every company realises the benefits that these services serve them. You will agree that it is always better to stay ahead in this competitive world and for that you should have enough knowledge about social media. Thus, we have mentioned some social media trends below that you should be following in 2015. They will also assist you fully if you are planning to hire a reliable social media marketing agency.

Social Media Optimization Services in India

  1. It’s a mobile era: The first thing you should know is that it is a mobile era. The increasing demand of wireless networks has led to the rise in the smartphones at affordable prices. Thus, it’s a wise decision to hire social media management services from the digital media company which emphasizes on wireless networks.
  2. Mobile advertising: Mobile advertising generates nearly 75% of Facebook’s revenue
  3. Publicity via Facebook: It is quite surprising that nearly 4.5 billion likes are generated on regular basis on Facebook
  4. Active internet users: There are only approx. 3 billion active Internet users
  5. Internet access via smartphones: 3.65 billion mobile users have access to the internet via smartphones
  6. Facebook users: There are almost 1.4 billion Facebook users today
  7. User Videos on Facebook exceeds You Tube: You will be surprised to know that direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceeds YouTube

Today, leveraging social media is an excellent way to boost your sales whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Also, it is one of the cost effective means to go with in order to grow your business online. From the above stated points, you must have realised the significance that social media optimization services carry. It really makes sense to rely upon a reputed provider of social media optimisation services in order to stay at top. As per my personal experience, I will recommend you to rely upon the reputed and emerging Digital Media Agency “Solomofy”. Solomofy is the most trusted digital media agency today that has made a strong foothold in the market in just a short span of time with its highest quality of social media optimisation services.


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