Social Media Optimisation : Tips to Make it Happen

Right, by now you probably have been bombarded by numerous reasons to opt for a social media campaign to promote your business. More than what people have told you, you must have explored the pros and cons extensively. What decides the success of a social media campaign is your ability to address the visibility demands and customer interaction amidst the market competition.

That’s essentially what Social Media Optimisation is all about. Mere presence on social media or having a website does not guarantee enhanced customer base. Optimizing your promotions to focus on target as well as potential customers is equally important.

social media optimization

Social Media Optimization entails a strategic, multi-point process to build your successful SMO foundation, boost your SEO, and drive more potential customers to your site.

Tips to achieve Social Media Optimization

  • Define Objectives and Set Goals – enlist your desired outcomes to plan the campaign better
  • Make People Smarter – share content which equips people with information they are more likely to share with others in order to impress them. Both of you stand to gain.
  • Increase Link-ability – for your website to be prominent on social media, easy and direct linkages must be created. This can range from the best method of adding a blog or directly posting interesting articles on social media.
  • Create an Easy Access to Content – create short links like PDFs, audio or videos to help the content travel further and easily traceable.
  • Reward Influencers – this involves the multiplication principle. Share the content of people who are sharing yours to smartly acknowledge their efforts and raise your own visibility at the same time.

Despite all the guidelines, if social media still seems a puzzle to you, it is time you turn to the experts. Banking on being user-friendly, affordable, efficient team, social media customer care and the option to keep a track on the go, there is definitely much more than you could have asked for in your social media optimization efforts. Give shape and visibility to your imagination and creative ideas with Solomofy’s your digital footprint will never fade out.


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