Making Your Facebook Business Page a Hit

Facebook is emerging as the most preferred platform for promoting and growing businesses. But maintaining a growing pattern on Facebook in terms of audience connect is as important as attaining it in the first place. There may be times when you would be doing everything great for your social media campaign, especially focusing on increasing reach on Facebook, but still not getting any audience visits or views.


Read on to find out what could be lacking and how Facebook marketing agency can transform your business reach:

  • Facebook Like Button: As a general understanding, people who visit your website are likely to connect with you on Facebook for all the updates. In such a scenario, if they come across a Facebook ‘Like’ button on your website, they will instantly click on it and Bingo! You will have one more Like for your Facebook business page. This is even better as it allows users to Like your Facebook page without navigating away from the website.
  • Connect Profiles and Pages: When you mention your work info in the About personal profile section, mention your current employer and select for the official page of your company that appears when you start typing the company’s name. This ensures people hover and click the company page when they see where you work.
  • Provide Link in Signatures: When sending emails within or outside the organization – to customers, colleagues, vendors and other contacts – you can add your Facebook page link in the signature along with your website link.

Solomofy is the leading digital marketing company and top rated Facebook marketing agency for targeting focused audience on Facebook. See your views and Likes increase manifold with Solomofy’s smart social media strategies on Facebook.


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