Who Should We Hire For Social Media Marketing: An Agency, Freelancer Or In-House?

Social media marketing is not a craze but it’s the only way to connect with your audience directly. In today’s time, it is crucial for every business to be present on social media. But before deciding how you have to decide what your objectives are from SMM? And once you have jotted down the key pointers, it is time for you to decide whether to hire a social media marketing company, a freelancer or an in-house manager for your business, because let’s be honest, social media always takes the back seat amidst customers, sales, calls, etc when you try to do it on your own.

Hiring any of the above mentioned three is fine as long as you know what you want from them, but remember everything has its pros and cons, keeping wrong expectations from the wrong person will only disappoint you.

affordable social media marketing agency

If you have decided to hire an in-house manager, your share of pros and cons will be –

Pros –

  • Your manager will always be available at your beck and call, and will be fully dedicated towards only your business’s social media marketing.
  • It is always easier to understand any business better when you are physically present there all the time and also responding to queries or complaints becomes a painless task.
  • Posting behind the scene pictures and getting engagement on that is, of course, another advantage.

Cons –

  • Your manager will require training from your end as to what exactly you desire in terms of content. Thus, you need to have time for that.
  • Ask yourself, do you have enough knowledge to provide guidance to the newly appointed manager.

If by now you have dropped the idea of hiring an in-house manager and are thinking about a freelancer, do consider these –

Pros –

  • They are available according to your needs and tasks.
  • They are much more affordable when compared with the other two options.
  • They are generally individuals; it gets easier to commute one on one.

Cons –

  • The biggest drawback of hiring a freelancer is that you have absolutely no idea, whether they are genuine or fake.

Now if we talk about hiring an affordable social media marketing agency, remember there are 3 types –

  • First ones are who will provide you strategy & planning. They will study your current social media presence, your competitors and will come up with a specific strategy for your business.
  • Second ones are known as Social Brand Management Company. They will handle all your social media publishing and brand awareness. The only thing they will provide you is the content for your business, to show its social media presence.
  • The third ones are those who provide complete social media management solution. They will create a unique strategy for you, will implement it to work and will determine results.

So, let’s conclude it by saying that it is better for every business to hire an affordable social media marketing agency because they have advantages like a big team, training & coaching in content / strategy planning and exposure to creating new campaigns. And who are we kidding; social media marketing companies have experienced and well-versed people, who are aware of what they are doing.


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