Six Ways to Shift Your Social Media Marketing Up One Gear

Social media marketing services are undoubtedly the best tool of promotion, especially for someone having small business with limited financial resources. By making the smart use of social media services, one can reach out to the right audience and provide the much needed boost their business requires and get the desired results. But things are not always easy as they seem and mostly people get it all wrong. Mentioned below are some sure shot social media marketing strategies that could help you to hit the right spot and reap maximum benefits out of your efforts.

social media marketing services

  1. Never ever start promoting your product in the early stages of your business:
    It is generally seen that people who start their business are impatient and want instant results from the social media marketing services. This is the most common and moreover the biggest mistake that most of us make. Molière, considered as one of the best actors in the genre of comedy in English literature, once said, “Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” So, the focus should be on the brand building rather than selling your product at the first place. Once you have spread your message and sought everyone’s attention, things become easy and that is when the intense marketing of the product should start. So create posts that are a mixture of engagement and knowledge related content if you are a newbie in the industry.
  2. Increase engagement by more frequent posting:
    You need to be active, always and always, especially when people tend to forget you if you don’t interact with them regularly. Your activity on the social media is very important to be in the minds of your audience. How frequently you should post also varies for different social media platforms. For Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, once or twice in a day is ideal, but if we talk about Twitter, 3 to 4 posts are required daily considering there’s more activity on twitter and it has considerably lesser number of fake profiles than Facebook.
  3. Formulating the Content Based on Predicted Performance:
    One should always keep a check on which posts are performing better than the others for their page. This can help in deciding the upcoming strategy more fittingly by sifting out the right content which is helping in getting the required reach and doing away with unnecessary topics. So always remember to analyze your results at regular intervals.
  4. Interacting with Social Users on Communities:
    Communities are a great way of reaching the niche audience organically. This technique takes time though but the results are worth the pains that you take. Quora and Reddit are platforms where the communities are most active. The best way is to participate actively in the discussions and then talk about your product in a way that it doesn’t look like you are promoting your product, rather solving the queries of your fellow members.
  5. Including Appealing Visuals on Every Post:
    All other things only matter when your content is visually appealing as it the first thing that makes someone stop and have a look at what you have to offer. So make your post as attractive as you can and always add a tempting call to action to execute your planning and hard work.
  6. Encouraging Employees, Partners and Friends to Share Content:
    A good post is of no use if it does not get the required engagement from the audience. It’s always your near and dear one’s that come to your rescue in when you are in trouble and in this case, if they are encouraged to promote your content then chances are high that your post performs well. All it needs is a little push and if the employees and friends engage with the posts regularly, then it is bound to perform well. Certain surveys have also shown that a company whose employees promote its page has better reach and results compared to others.

The above mentioned social media marketing strategies are very basic and important points to keep in mind if you really want to succeed in your endeavor. And it’s always better to hire one of the trusted social media marketing companies to get these services for your business.


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