Social Media Marketing – A Game Changer in Business

The world is moving on to better ways of connecting with each other, and this change can also be seen in the way companies of today are working. They’re becoming more responsive towards their customers, and are finding new ways of connecting with them, with social media marketing proving to be a game changer here.

Moreover, the companies are moving their focus from just selling their products to the consumers, they’re trying to build a brand awareness, which not only gives consumers an idea of the product they’re buying, but they also get to know the story, and idea behind the brand’s day to day operations. Which in turn help them understand a brand’s vision, which goes a long way in marketing their products in a subtle way, while also creating a goodwill for themselves.

social media marketing agency

Social media marketing is relying on building a relationship between the two parties and thus giving companies a chance to let their customers know more about their product, and this, in turn, lets customers know that they can easily approach the company for their concerns. And thus, a brand/company can rely on relationship marketing that includes providing customers with a better experience on the website, social media pages and blogs, which in turn will make them more willing to shop with you again. In addition, it also makes the customers spread the word about your company, leading to an organic growth, higher number of sales, and building a positive reputation of the brand.

However, while it’s easier to understand the ways relationship marketing can help uplifting your brand’s identity, the most important part is implementing it.

The best way forward is by posting the shareable content with your audience that lets them connect with your brand, and makes them share it with their friends and family. This content can be either text, picture, blog or a video, however, the more visual it is the better will be the response from your audience. One of the biggest examples is the live video feature on Facebook, which has been used by many brands to build up viral content.

Another example that comes to mind while talking about relationship marketing is the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which used social media strategy of putting out articles, videos and posts that connect with the nostalgic side of the audience, and thus most of them went viral and created enough buzz before movie’s release. And while we can’t say that social media marketing strategy of the marketing team was responsible for the entire success of the movie, it did bring in enough audience and resource to pave the way ahead.

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These are some of the reasons why it is becoming increasingly important for one to hire social media agencies who’ll take care of your relationship marketing needs, and will also produce viral content on daily basis to be shared with your target audience. Plus, outsourcing your social media market needs to the experts will ensure that you get the best out of your social media channels.

Plus, while you’re producing shareable content, you must make sure that you’re listening to your customers. They need to know that their opinions matter to the brands, and thus you’ve regularly and politely reply to their comments. Moreover, this practice goes on to further build a brand’s reputation if you’re regularly replying to their comments and thus becomes easier for your audience to become returning buyers and bring in more potential leads. In addition, social media marketing isn’t only until the point you made a sale, but you also need to follow up and be in conversation with the customer, thus letting them know that for the brand they’re more than just a mere transaction. And thus, personalised messages go a long way in securing a loyal consumer base.

Here’re few things to take care of while employing social media marketing into your brand:

  1. You need to engage with your readers by not only posting the shareable content but also replying to their comments, and listening to their queries.

  2. Post content on a regular basis, that’ll tell your audience when to expect your posts and will go a long way in ensuring a loyal following.

  3. Don’t just share any content, but keep your eyes open to the changing social media trends, and evolve your strategies depending upon them.

  4. Instead of talking about everything, build your niche. Talk about a thing, and become a one-stop destination for everyone looking on that topic.

  5. Make posts as per your target users, make sure whatever you’re posting is relevant to your audience. Like don’t make any foreign references if your target audience is Indian, and don’t make any desi references if your target audience is foreigners.

  6. Make sure there’s some humour content in whatever you’re posting, it’ll help in keeping users engaged, plus will bring variety in your social media content.

  7. Always keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy as well, and keep learning from them.

  8. Your main goals while strategizing your social media should be increasing the customer loyalty, brand awareness and trust amongst the audience.

While these are, the must do things, there are some things that you must take care of not doing:

  1. Never spam on your social media accounts, there’s no better way to lose your audience than this.

  2. Also, stay calm even if someone is being abusive and rude on your page since it’s always good to be the better person in a duel and in return it’ll get your brand some brownie points.

  3. Trying taking feedback on a regular basis, and keep improving.

These are few of the things one must keep in their mind while looking towards energising their social media presence, for it is surely the sure shot way to get some customers and build a brand awareness, which will go a long in ensuring a better business potential.

This is the reason why Social media marketing is a game changer in today’s world.


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