Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Small Business

It is often said that small business owners have a flaky relationship with social media marketing. And why not, when the budget-spend doesn’t allow them to spend big moolah on social media marketing services like their greater counterparts.  A recent study by Vista print Digital noticed that only 37.4 percent of small business owners consider spending time on marketing as “very” or “fairly” important. On the other hand, big businesses invest hugely in their marketing efforts, thus gaining better results.


Your small business can’t, obviously, match the marketing spend of business giants like Coca-Cola or Amazon, however, you can reach potential customers online if social media is done right. So leave everything and give a few minutes to know why you should start doing social media for your small business.

Your target audience is already using it

Social media platforms have succeeded in connecting millions of people worldwide. People are spending as much as at least a quarter of their online time engaging in social media platforms, when online.

Not being active on social media is making you miss a very lucrative opportunity to directly market to your target audience. No social media marketing means no engagement with the target audience.

Online presence

In this 21st century, it doesn’t cost a lot to mark your online social media presence. Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can make or break your business. Utilizing these platforms cleverly and judiciously can raise your social media success.

A competitive advantage

It’s all about being in the rat race of social media if you want your small business to go big. Look up on social media platforms and you’ll find all your competitors there. This calls for the need to add social media to your marketing strategy ASAP. Otherwise, risk losing even more ground with the passage of time.

Build Stronger Brand Loyalty

Engaging in useful conversations with your customers and nurturing them with positive information about your brand can help you develop a loyal clientele. The minimal cost incurred on social media marketing will totally fit into your budget while providing a huge boost to your businesses.

Connect with your clients and prospects

Have an open dialog with your customers and hear what they have to say, on your social media business page. Termed as one of unique marketing strategies available, you get to engage with your clients on a daily basis, thus giving the impression of being a responsible brand.

In Conclusion

If you haven’t already dived into the pool of social media for your business, growing big in this digital world could be quite troublesome for you. If the social media puzzle still looks confusing to you, then there are various social media marketing agencies which will handle your business page efficiently. One such social media marketing agency is Solomofy Pvt. Ltd.- the best solution for all your social media needs.

In an interview with The Startup Journal, the CEO of Solomofy, Rohit Awasthi said, “A majority of small businesses are completely oblivion to the power of it and how it can change the dynamics of their business. Solomofy is helping small businesses put all these issues to rest.”

A start from anywhere is a great start. Get the best social media marketing services for your business, with Solomofy, today.


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