10 Tactics For Handling Haters On Facebook

handling haters on facebook

Losing sleep over haters on the Internet unnecessarily trolling your Facebook page? It’s not unusual for all businesses on social media to face some negativity. The impact may feel more intense if it’s on Facebook since it can show up very visibly. But relax; it happens to the best of us.

While haters might be one of your most efficient critics in disguise, they pose as threats when their involvement is destructive rather than constructive. Here are some handy tips on how to tackle them:

  1. Kill ‘Em With Kindness

The best way to deal with them is to be kind to them. Arguing with them is the last thing you would want to do since getting into a flame war is exactly internet haters want. Drop a courteous message with a tinge of consideration and they will go bug someone else.

  1. Hear Them Out

The best way to probably handle a troll is to make them feel you’re ready to address their problem. Move the conversation out of your Facebook timeline by asking them to message you directly on Facebook, or offer a phone number or email address.

  1. Diffuse The Situation: Hide Bad Comments

Sometimes this simple act will avoid you so much of needless conflict. Simply mouse over their comment. An “X” will appear in the upper right of their comment. Click on it where you will get the option to “Hide” it.

diffuse the situation

Hiding the comment makes it disappear for the public while showing up to the user who added it. Voila!

  1. Let it Dwell

Allowing customers to raise their voice in disagreement over something via your Facebook page might actually help you avoid their setting up a blog or a Facebook community that’s going to troll you forever online. See where I’m getting at?

  1. Ban The Bad Guy

Sometimes you become a troll’s favourite page to vent out. His snarky comments have started to pester the wits out of you. After numerous yet failed efforts to connect with him, it’s now time to ban him. Once you “Hide” someone’s negative comment, you’ll see the “Ban” user option link under the hidden comment. Click that to completely ban the user.

Another alternative: Go under the page “Settings” and select “People and Other Pages”on the left. You’ll see a list of people who Like your page, along with a settings icon to the right of each person. Click on the settings icon for your hater, and then select “Ban From Page.”

  1. Review/Suspend The Visitors’ Posts To Your Page

Control what consumers post on your page; monitor your visitors’ posts prior to them being published. In this way, only the positive stuff about your business will be visible.To do this, go on the Settings page under “Visitor Posts.” Choose whether to allow any photos/videos to be posted, or to “Review posts by other people before they are published to the Page.” And you’re sorted!
review and suspended

  1. Get Witty!

Responding to a hater with humor is the key to diffusing them. It’s the last thing they’ll be expecting and the best thing to show your humorous side while you get to steal the show. We say, get witty and give them a piece of their advice. Like here:

get witty

  1. Ignorance is bliss, really!

Throughout your life you’ll encounter people who’ll try to bring you down. The best thing to do here is to NEVER get caught up emotionally. That is exactly what a classic Facebook hater is trying to bait you into. Stay centered, stay calm and think clearly. Do not start defending yourself aggressively. Ignore their existence and the problem will soon seem unworthy to address.

  1. Straight Up: Report A Hater To Facebook

If a hater is going over the top, you might bag a chance to get his or her account entirely suspended/deleted.If they’ve a history of being abusive or bullying, Facebook might take action against them if you complain about it. To do this, start off by visiting Facebook’s Safety Tools & Resources page.

  1. Always Stay Professional

It is understandable to get upset for business owners when someone maligns their company. However, it is mandatory to behave in a professional way always for the sake of your company image. If you do need to publicly respond to a negative review, do so in way which lets everyone know you’re here to do business and engage only professionally. It is also recommended to not post personal photos, updates, and information on your business profiles which might invite personal as well as professional criticism.


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