Facebook Marketing: Why It Is Time to Rethink Everything

facebook marketing its time to rethink

Facebook marketing is gaining popularity day by day. As digitalization is becoming more of an integral part of our lives every business house is making Facebook marketing as their marketing tool. Facebook marketing depends mostly on Facebook algorithms.

Facebook algorithm filters content that you see in your news feeds. The algorithm manages the huge amount of content posted on Facebook everyday and thus helping advertisers by showing Facebook users the most relevant content among the thousands. This helps the business owners as their content gets a chance to pop up on the user’s news feed if the user has liked any similar pages. The Facebook algorithm exists because Facebook wants that their users keep coming back and this also adds value to the advertisers as they know that their audience will not miss out on their content.

Every day, an average user log on to Facebook 14 times a day which is more for the marketers and stays on Facebook for an average of 50 minutes. This creates a huge captive audience, which is a massive potential audience for the advertisers. The algorithm encourages brand and customer engagement for the advertisers. We all love to keep up with our friends and community via Facebook but no one will deny noticing an advertisement about every third post. It is a fact that the better the targeted the advertisement are more likely we would respond to it.

There are many small business houses that depend on Facebook marketing packages offered by various social media agencies to market their brand and gain a visibility for their brand. Organic reach for such brands are very important. Pages that have raving followers who turn on post notifications for that particular page never losses out on organic reach. But something that marketers should never forget that organic reach is dwindling and they need a proper strategy for using the organic reach that they get to maximize their brand’s visibility and their ad budget. And for that marketers should make sure that their content is relevant to their audience and connects with them. In other words, their content should be newsworthy, entertaining, or educational.

It is quite popularly heard that Facebook is heading towards the direction of digital streaming television. Here, I would like to mention some stats on digital down streaming traffic. Netflix has traffic of 35%, YouTube 17% and Amazon 4% but Facebook probably won’t be competitive with such streaming TV services but Facebook is on a mission to pursue the billions of dollars in television advertising. Facebook is investing on various licensed original episodic content. Facebook hopes to capitalize on the phenomenon of binge-watching.

If you are still wondering whether you should invest on Facebook marketing or not or if you want to invest then how to go about it, then you can easily take the help of any social media marketing services providing agency.

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